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The Neighbourhood Plan seeks to address, as far as is possible, the challenges that face the community of Melton Parish. In summary these challenges are: 

  1. Traffic – the volume of traffic using Woods Lane/Wilford Bridge Road which travels through the village. 

  2. Infrastructure – recognising that the infrastructure in Melton has not kept pace with its growth over time and that there is a need to ensure new growth is appropriately supported by new infrastructure. 

  3. Environment – protecting the sensitive environment around Melton, in particular the Deben Estuary. 

  4. Movement by non-car modes – the associated need to enhance movement by non-car modes, particularly walking and cycling. 

  5. Vitality of Melton village – seeking to retain and improve the vitality of the village, particularly in terms of its shops and services. 

  6. Air quality – recognising that this is an issue in Melton as a result of the traffic using the main routes. 

  7. Community activities – the need to provide for more community activities that will encourage particularly young people and families to stay in the parish. 

  8. Commercial activity – recognising the value of the existing businesses in the parish and trying to provide for their needs in order to ensure their ongoing presence, along with the employment and value they bring to the local economy. 


Our Vision:

‘In 2029 the parish of Melton remains a unique place, with its village and important historical and community assets sitting within a sensitive but well protected natural environment. There continues to be a clear separation of the village from Greater Woodbridge. The character of each of the distinct parts of Melton’s built-up area has been retained. 

Infrastructure and traffic issues, particularly along the A1152 and Woods Lane, have been managed in conjunction with new development so that no further pressure is put on already very busy key roads and densely built areas. Improvements have been made to pedestrian and cyclepaths so that there are genuine alternatives to the private car for getting around Melton. 

Small and sensitive development of local commercial and retail businesses have been encouraged, which sit appropriately in the context of Melton’s village environment. Employment areas at Wilford Bridge, Deben Mill and off Melton Road are thriving. 

The community facilities serving Melton have been protected and improved, particularly at the Playing Fields on Melton Road where the new Village Hall has provided a focus for community activities. In addition, new allotments, a community orchard and a community farm have provided a range of quality green spaces that have supported the growing population and galvanised Melton’s community spirit. Now a large number of groups and events are able to draw the community together and provide activities for both young and old. 



The objectives of the Neighbourhood Plan as identified through engagement with the community are as follows: 

Objective One: Ensure that development does not worsen the detrimental impacts of traffic congestion (including air quality and safety) along the main routes in Melton, whilst encouraging safe movement on foot and by bicycle. 

Objective Two: Ensure that development provides for the infrastructure needs of Melton and does not breach the capacity of the parish’s infrastructure to properly support the population. 

Objective Three: Protect and enhance the unique environment and heritage, particularly the rural, riverside and historical assets of Melton and its streetscape. 

Objective Four: Preserve the respective roles and identities of the different built-up areas within the parish, specifically Melton village (including its shops and services) and the northern part of the ‘Greater Woodbridge’. 

Objective Five: Protect and enhance the strengths of Melton as a community, in particular through the retention and provision of community infrastructure. 

Objective Six: Protect Melton’s business base and seek to ensure that it can grow and thrive. 

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