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A Neighbourhood Plan (NP) is a way of creating our own Planning Policies (alongside those of the LDF which Suffolk Coastal District Council are drawing up) and will create the first statutory protection we have been given the opportunity of ever having, superseding the less rigorous Village Plan.

When planning permission is sought for new developments in Melton we can use our NP to make sure the developments are what we all want and are done in the right way and in the right places.

Melton Village, especially that part of it that remains a village as supposed to an offshoot of Woodbridge, is unique with its delicate balance of rural landscape, riverside, amenity, housing, heritage, conservation area, village services, small businesses etc.  Therefore an NP is very necessary for it’s protection and sustainability.

This process will allow us to:

1. Identify acceptable sites for development as well as the

kinds of development we want (such as small family homes, 

affordable housing, small/medium scale commercial units,

play areas etc)

2. Protect the conservation area, riverside and rural aspects of

our village through the control of unnaceptable applications or 

unnaceptable design criteria

3. Encourage development where WE want it and not just

where the developers want it

4. Meet the needs of older residents

5. Decide what is best for our village and safeguard our

children's heritage

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