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Business, Retail and Commercial Interests in Melton


The Neighbourhood Plan is about the whole of Melton Parish and everything within its Parish boundary.



This means that we need to engage with and hear from the many businesses that are based in our village.  Without input from these stakeholders our plan will not be able to encompass all the varying needs and wishes of our community.



If you own or run any form of business or commercial enterprise in Melton please CLICK HERE and fill in our short questionnaire.  We would still like to hear from you even though the deadline for this has come and gone.


The analysis of the results of the Business Questionnaire Feedback so far can be seen in this 


Thank you for your support.

Progress for business in Melton:

Feedback from all our consultations have shown that there is a need for SOME small (1 or two person) business and retail units.  There seem to be a number of residents working from home who would benefit from the ability to rent small and affordable office spaces or use small units for retail purposes.  In sections 9 and 10 of the draft Neighbourhood Plan we have set out policies and plans which will help to achieve this and to support both current and future business in Melton.

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